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Hebei jiuwang Hardware tools co.,ltd is located in the eastern part of North China Plain. Bohal lake around Beijing and TianJin by Economic circle. From Beijing and Tianjin are only two hours by car, 106 National Highway,307 National Road, Shi-Huang Expressway Beside the road from the factory and the intersetion.The trafficis very convenient.
Hebei jiuwang Hardware tools co.,ltd is a long history of professional development. Development production of auto repair equipment Enterprise. Our economic strenght,has strong technical strength and advanced technology and equipment, and specially invited Domestic experts, professors as technical advisers, painstaking research, make "JIU Wang"product innovation. Our company since its inception in order to "quality first, the pursuit of excellence "of the faith, intemal management and customer service to a service, Pay attention to scientific and technological progress, adhere to the stregy of manu facturers jointly based on market competition, So that their development has been rapid, and And the majority of the praise. Our company of fierce market competion, the factory meticulous Rin strategy, long-term planning. and alway adhere to thequali-oene commment, an withscntfc manament high qualty awareness, advanced productionequpment and perect estn means an son ccal Power, So that the company Products are fully guaranteed. Our company has sound management mechanism, in order to perfect, a full range of products and veryfruitful service retum to the society, at the same time Also believe that only the success of customers have long prosperous. Hebei jiuwang Hardware tools co.,ltd wholeheartedly with the domestic and foreigh businessmen from all walks of life to work together common to success.