Types and Use of Tool Cars

2019-04-02 11:13

Tool Car Usage

Tool car is suitable for the fixed management of tools, tools and parts in the production site, so that your access to goods can truly be on time, accurate, efficient and low-cost.

(1) Laminated toolkit: single-layer toolkit, double-layer toolkit, three-layer toolkit and multi-layer toolkit;

(2) Drawer-type tool car: single-rail drawer, double-rail drawer and three-rail drawer;

(3) Comprehensive performance tool car;

(4) Special Performance Tool Vehicle: There are temporary workbenches consisting of composite board macromolecule material, beech, stainless steel package and so on.

Structural Characteristics of Tool Cars

(1) The high strength result design and powder spraying surface treatment process of the tool car can adapt to the complex working environment of the factory;

(2) The tool car is equipped with high-quality bearings and guideways to ensure that the drawer can open and close smoothly when it bears the rated load.

(3) Tool trucks are free to choose and configure drawers of different heights according to their needs, so as to fully meet the needs of the production site;

(4) The tool car can be equipped with a top frame with an oil-proof rubber pad to protect the articles placed from damage and prevent them from sliding.

(5) The tool car adopts interlocking function device, which can lock all drawers with only one lock to ensure the safety of the articles.

(6) Tool car has full-width aluminum alloy drawer handle and replaceable label, beautiful, convenient and practical;

(7) Advanced drawer safety buckle design of the tool car ensures that drawers will not accidentally slide out after closing;

(8) A 3*3 movable partition can be attached to the drawer of the tool car, which meets the storage requirements of various types of tools and is flexible and easy to use.

(9) Tool car casters adopt high-quality polyurethane casters with two orientations of 20,000 directions and good bearing capacity, which are suitable for various occasions.

(10) Tool Car Common Colors: Blue, Machine Tool Green

(11) Special tool vehicle can be customized

The Difference between Tool Car and Tool Cabinet

(1) Tool car is a movable tool cabinet, suitable for safe and reasonable transportation of tools and accessories on the production site;

(2) The tool car is composed of various types of tool cabinets with moving parts such as top cabinets and casters.

(3) The height of the external dimensions of the tool car: the height of the tool cabinet selected by the heavy-duty tool car plus 140 mm; the height of the tool cabinet made by the light-duty tool car plus 80 mm.

Structural design of high strength and surface treatment process of cathodic electrophoretic primer can adapt to the complex working environment of the factory.