What quality problems should be paid attention to in the use of the tool car?

2019-03-28 11:15

Tool car is also called drawer type tool car, workshop tool car, cleaning tool car, etc. It is one of the indispensable tools in modern factories. Runpu Tool Car is easy to use and has 16 patented technologies with high cost performance. What is the structure of the tool car? What are the factors affecting the quality of the tool car?

1. Guideway problem of tool car: There are two kinds of guideways of tool car, one is single guideway and the other is double guideway. Single rail is used in light cabinet. What is light cabinet? It means that the load-bearing capacity is between 60 and 80 kilograms. If the load-bearing capacity is limited, it is suitable for monorail installation. If the load-bearing requirement is comparatively high and shows as G, then users should choose the double-rail East-West cabinet series. Because the maximum load-bearing capacity of the double-rail East-West cabinet can reach 250KG, which is the most suitable, durable and durable thing cabinet that many users are longing for.

2. The problem of space partition in the drawer of the tool car: If the user's materials or the categories of things are more complicated, then it is suggested that you set up some partitions in the tool car. The space in the drawer can be partitioned at will. The diaphragm is made of aluminium alloy, which restrains the rusting problem of the iron diaphragm, and also handles the classification storage of things, parts and materials for the user.

3. The problem of shifting casters: Whether or not the tool car can require devices to move casters, under any circumstances, many users do not choose devices. Because of the concern that the quality of casters is not good enough to easily damage, some money has been wasted. In my opinion, if the load-bearing ratio of the things cabinet needed by the users is large, it is suggested that the casters should not be moved. If the light cabinet is chosen, then it is optional. The optional device moves the casters, because it is more convenient to move and move, and it can store goods more quickly.